Philip Burthem: Fight Director & Production Designer

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Fight director: Phil Burthem
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Fight director: Phil Burthem
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Fight director: Phil Burthem

Fight director: Phil Burthem

Phil Burthem is
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By the European Renaissance Age sword fighting techniques had developed into sophisticated manuals (fight books). Starting with I33 in the early medieval period and through Talhoffer to the later teaching of George Silver and others, a myriad of fight techniques can be incorporated in your project and developed as required.



To explore the fighting techniques of the renaissance it is necessary to explore the origins and influences of sword fighting up to that date. The classical manuals and fight books starting with I33 through Talhoffer and the various other great masters and schools, were obviously known and influence later generations, therefore we must also be aware that modern techniques can be incorporated into historical fighting, if the director so desires, with the awareness of the effect of this upon compromising authenticity and style.


Production Design: Barclays Bank and Sininen Beer Commercial

Left: Medieval sword and buckler. From the Holkam Picture Bible, early 1300's.

Other illustrations are from the Schoole of the Noble and Worthy Science of Defence by Joseph Swetnam, published 1617.